Will Shorten and Trump help or hinder our economy?

Will Shorten and Trump help or hinder our economy?
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Will Shorten & Trump hinder or help the AU economy? Source: Getty Images In the world of big money, there’s a guess out there that maybe the stock market will retest its December lows. And what transpires in coming days, especially in the US, could easily confirm or deny the accuracy of this negative call. You might be thinking “So what? This stuff doesn’t affect me.” But to that I’d reply: “Au contraire, to quote the French for ‘to the contrary’!” We’re in a critically important stage of the economic and stock market cycle and the data and news that comes out over following weeks in February could dramatically affect our job creation/destruction, profits and bankruptcies, the balances in our super funds, the arrival of a ‘hoped for’ budget surplus for the Federal Government and the kind of economy Bill Shorten will more than likely inherit. Last week, PM Morrison is warned that Labor would bring on a recession and while their policies on negative gearing, tax refunds to retirees and halving of the capital gains tax discount won’t help the economy, the forces for a recession and stock market shellacking will come from overseas. The worry list If you need things to worry about, here’s a list: A worse-than-expected US economic slowdown. A Trump- China trade deal disaster and the continuance of a trade war. The Fed spooks the stock market with too many interest rate rises. A Brexit-EU crazy outcome. A worse-than-expected China slowdown. A Trump-created left-field […]

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