Will Michigan Rear Up and Kick Trump in the Teeth?

Will Michigan Rear Up and Kick Trump in the Teeth?
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As you’ve probably heard, Donald Trump is currently running for reelection on the strength of the economy, which his team believes will cancel out the corruption , incompetence , white supremacy , and authoritarianism . That pitch will be slightly more difficult if the president’s economic “policies” help tip the economy into a recession, which a new poll shows 6 in 10 Americans believe will happen by the end of the year. Equally worrisome for a guy who openly fantasizes about sticking around the White House for another four terms? The news that a key 2020 battleground state has the highest risk of a recession of any state in the country. Analysis by LendingTree Inc. shows that Michigan, which played an essential role in catapulting Trump to the White House in 2016, has a 59% chance of “experiencing weak economic fundamentals in the fourth quarter,” followed by Hawaii and Montana. While the North Carolina–based firm said that most states do not face a major risk of recession by the end of the year, Michigan‘s unemployment rate has risen to 4.3% from 4% in March, compared to the 3.7% jobless rate for the country overall as of August (statewide unemployment data comes a month after national numbers). Michigan, of course, is home to the auto industry, where Trump’s trade war has, in the words of one business owner, “mucked up the works.” Bloomberg also notes that the Institute for Supply Management’s index of manufacturing activity showed Michigan (in addition to […]

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