WHO: Health Systems Collapse Imminent – ‘This isn’t just a bad flu season’

WHO officials health systems collapse
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World Health Organization officials Friday warned of of imminent health systems collapse. Many a nation’s health care systems have already begun to do so, and with the exponential rise in cases among an increasingly large number of individual states, nations and continents, as health systems collapse could soon be global.

Health Systems Collapse as Strain Reaches Limits

With more and more health care workers needing medical supplies and protective gear that just isn’t available, especially in third world countries like the United States, the overwhelming strains on the systems themselves are causing numerous ruptures, not limited to health care workers themselves becoming infected, having to self quarantine and recover at best, with many already also dying.

Tragic. Tragic that in a country such as the United States we are having to refer to it here as a third world nation. But for many in the bottom 50% or so in America, this is not new news. Far worse than usual, but also just more of the same US business as usual.

But, Donald J. Trump lied, and people believed him, that it was a big ol’ “Democrat Hoax.’ And people died. And Fox News lied, and told their viewers that it was a big ol’ ‘Democrat Coronavirus Scam.’ And people died.

CNBC reports:

 World Health Organization officials warned Friday against dismissing the coronavirus that’s swept across the globe as just a bad outbreak of the flu, saying it has overwhelmed health systems around the world in just a few weeks.

“Take one look at what’s happening in some health systems around the world. Look at the intensive care units completely overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses utterly exhausted,” Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s emergencies program, said at a press briefing from the organization’s Geneva headquarters. “This is not normal. This isn’t just a bad flu season.” …

health systems collapse
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