WHO: COVID19 kill rate is 70% higher previously thought

WHO says coronavirus death rate is 3.4% globally, higher than previously thought
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As we have been seeing as the numbers keep coming in, of confirmed/suspected COVID19 cases around the world, the fatality rate is far higher the earlier estimates, now determined to be 3.4% rather than 2% previously estimated by the World Health Organization.

CNBC/Reuters reports:

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Brendan McDermid | Reuters

World health officials said Tuesday the case fatality rate for COVID-19 is 3.4% globally, higher than previous estimates of about 2%.

“Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press briefing at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva. In comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected, he said.

The World Health Organization had said last week that the mortality rate of COVID-19 can differ, ranging from 0.7% to up to 4%, depending on the quality of the health-care system where it’s treated…

During a press briefing Monday, WHO officials said they don’t know how COVID-19 behaves, saying it’s not like influenza. They added that while much is known about the seasonal flu, such as how it’s transmitted and what treatments work to suppress the disease, that same information is still in question when it comes to the coronavirus.

“This is a unique virus, with unique features. This virus is not influenza,” Tedros said Monday. “We are in uncharted territory.” […] Click here to read the full story www.cnbc.com

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