Whistleblowers: Chinese Government is Faking Coronavirus Economic Recovery

Coronavirus Economic Recovery Fake
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Coronavirus Economic Recovery a Sham in China Whistleblowers Say

The Chinese government is faking coronavirus economic recovery according to leaked media and reports. has never been known to be a model of transparency. They have state-controlled media. They have state-controlled internet and social media. So while they now say that business is coming back online, whistleblowers explain to Caixin that it is a fraud. According to a Caixin investigation, officials have ordered companies to leave their lights and machinery on all day even though nothing much is actually going on.


Local companies and officials are fraudulently boosting electricity consumption and other metrics in order to meet tough new back-to-work targets as the spread of Covid-19 in China wanes, a Caixin investigation has found. As new coronavirus cases in China slowed in recent weeks, local governments in less-affected regions pushed companies and factories to return to work, typically by assigning concrete targets to district officials. Company insiders and local civil servants told Caixin that, under pressure to fulfill quotas they could not otherwise meet, they deftly cooked the books […]

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