What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know About Buybacks And Retirement Savings

What Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know About Buybacks And Retirement Savings
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Summary There are forces driving the market that Wall Street doesn’t want you to understand. Demographics and, specifically, tight labor conditions are driving the secular market. Add to this an outlook for record setting buybacks, and it looks certain the bull market will continue. These same forces are driving the rally in bonds more so than a fear of recession. There are many reasons the market may correct, and I think it will. When it does, it will be another buying opportunity of generational magnitude. Looking for a helping hand in the market? Members of The Technical Investor get exclusive ideas and guidance to navigate any climate. Get started today » The Secular Bull Market There are forces driving the secular bull market that Wall Street doesn’t want the average investor to understand. These forces have created a condition in which net purchasers of stock and other equities will outnumber sellers for several more years at least. What it all comes down to is demographics, Baby Boomers are retiring or retired, Generation X is firmly entrenched in the workforce, and the Millennials are coming of age. I went into the demographics of the secular market in my article We Are In A Secular Bull Market published in 2014, so I won’t go into too much detail now. Basically, the secular bull market break out of early 2013 was driven by shifting demographic dominance within the investment market. Baby Boomers, as a group, had been reducing their "risk-on" holdings in […]

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