What does 2020 have in store for blockchain and global economics?

What does 2020 have in store for blockchain and global economics?
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The bubble and burst of cryptocurrency in 2017 led to the industry suffering from a collective hangover in 2018 and 2019. But in the wake of crypto markets’ irrational exuberance in 2017 and equally irrational despondency in 2018, the core blockchain community of developers and technologists got to work, heads down, and focused on building infrastructure. Their labour is now bearing fruit, and we’re at the crossroads of the next industrial revolution. Blockchain is entering a pivotal year in 2020, a period that will decide not just the future of cryptocurrency, but blockchain and the very idea of decentralisation. In light of that, here are 5 predictions for how blockchain will shape the world as we enter a new decade: The potential for global economic recession looms, sparking trouble for fiat currencies Economic uncertainty has been looming over the globe for years. It’s not so much a matter of if, but when the house of cards tumbles with major worldwide implications. Europe will likely be the first to hit recession. One look at the five biggest economies in the region and it’s clear. Germany’s Deutschebank is on life support. The United Kingdom has been eating itself with Brexit for years. France is in a state of constant protest. The Spanish and Italian economies are drowning. The European Union is by now only nominally a union, and growing divisions will leave many nations especially vulnerable. With respect to the USA, the country’s economic state will largely depend on whether China […]

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