Trump’s Numbers April 2020 Update

Trump’s Numbers April 2020 Update
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Editor’s Note: This update reflects only a small part of the huge economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused millions of layoffs and shut down much of the economy before many of these statistics were collected. Summary

Since Donald Trump took office as president, but mostly before the COVID-19 emergency: The economy grew more slowly than Trump promised, most recently at 2.3% last year.

Nearly 6.2 million jobs were added — just before nearly 17 million workers filed for unemployment insurance.

The federal debt grew $3.8 trillion larger; annual deficits accelerated. Carbon dioxide emissions fell 0.6% while 1,100 coal-mining jobs were lost. Paychecks grew 3.4% after inflation. The number of people lacking health insurance rose by nearly 2 million. Crime decreased; handgun production fell 18.5%. Trump appointees filled nearly 29% of all federal appeals court judgeships. U.S. oil […]

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