Trump’s economy isn’t supported by facts

Trump's economy isn't supported by facts
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John O’Neill: In his address last month to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President Donald Trump sounded more like he was at home on the campaign trail. President Trump boasted a miracle here in the United States consisting of job creation and economic expansion. First let me concede the points made by President Trump which contain an element of accuracy. The president stated that his administration has been witness to the creation of 7 million jobs in the U.S. He further bragged about the economy’s 2.3 percent expansion. The problem is that these numbers aren’t that impressive. Though it is true that the Trump administration has presided over the creation of 7 million jobs, this achievement is modest compared to other administrations in recent history. The economy is in its 11th year of expansion. Under President Barack Obama, there was a net gain of 9 million jobs. But this job creation came in the wake of President George W. Bush’s deep recession. From the depths of this recession in December 2009, the Obama administration actually presided over the creation of 16 million jobs. Of course, when it comes to job creation, the sterling record is that of President Bill Clinton. After two terms, the Clinton administration had presided over the creation of more than 20 million jobs. Job creation under Ronald Reagan was comparable, as the Great Communicator presided over the creation of 16 million jobs. But what sets Clinton’s accomplishment apart from others, in addition to […]

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