Trump Stock Market Crash Bear is Here

trump stock market crash
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Trump Stock Market Crash Awakens Bear

trump stock market crash

The Trump stock market crash has just entered Bear Market territory. After a classic bear dead cat bounce on Tuesday March 10th, the follow through today, Wednesday, was anything but confirming of an end to the losses.

More confirming of a Bear Market, rather than just a mere correction that temporarily, technically, enters bear territory, this is not a disorderly mass liquidation. This is not panic selling. That is just not in the data.

Institutional investors, money managers and algorithms are acting quite rationally. It is common sense to be taking money out of stocks right now and putting it to work somewhere less volatile.

Twelve sessions of over 3.5% moves. This is some pretty high volatility. But despite this, the trend from 50,000 feet is clear: Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down. Down.

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