Trump says he would rather face Bloomberg than Sanders

Trump says he would rather face Bloomberg than Sanders: Bernie ‘has real followers’
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Trump says Bloomberg just buying his way in. Oh, the deflection.

Many New Hampshire voters are mulling Tuesday which Democratic presidential hopeful can beat President Donald Trump . The question is also on the president’s mind. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., leads polls of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary as he gains traction nationally. As former Vice President Joe Biden falters , billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has climbed in national surveys, fueled by spending tens of millions of dollars of his fortune. Trump, during a rambling criticism of Bloomberg’s 2015 comments that defended his city’s stop-and-frisk policing practice with racist stereotypes , said unprompted that he would rather face the businessman than the Vermont senator. He pointed to Sanders’ devoted supporters, who fueled an insurgent challenge to former secretary of State and senator Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Frankly, I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders,” the president told reporters at the White House. “Because Sanders has real followers, whether you like him or not, whether you agree with him or not. I happen to think it’s terrible what he says. But he has followers. Bloomberg’s just buying his way in.” As Democrats consider who to put up against Trump in November’s general election, many voters say they have thought most about who has the best chance to oust the president. NBC News exit […]

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