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Trump Recession Tweets Updating Every Moment

Trump Recession Tweets have become one hot hashtag on Twitter. The handle #TrumpRecession began buzzing in late 2018 when there was a great deal of speculation that the U.S. was sliding into recession, and reached a fever pace by fall. While the country avoided outright recession that year, the Trump Slump continued globally almost unabated throughout 2019 and heading into 2020. The hashtag’s buzz wore off, and many even began thinking the trending #TrumpRecession was all about nothing, leaving its frequency on Twitter in the dustbin of hashtag hasbeens.

Trump Recession Tweets Return

Enter 2020, and the coronavirus pandemic. Contrary to all the right wing media and the pro-Trump circle jerking that goes along with it, the US and indeed global economy was not strong at the end of 2019 and entering the new year. Thus, when the final straw to land on the Trump Slump back (COVID19) hit, all hell broke loose, and Trump Recession began trending like mad again. Now when one looks at recession tweets on Twitter, one can often find far more with the hashtag of #TrumpRecession and #TrumpSlump than ever before. As for President Trump’s own recession tweets, he hasn’t really had any, other than to blast out his standard boiler plate “Fake News!”

Trump recession tweets