Trump Lied People Died: Military Warnings and Trump Rallies Edition

Even US military document exposes how Trump lied people died
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Trump Lied People Died -Again – US Military also Warned on Coronavirus Two Months Ago

Trump lied people died trends for ever because the truth Trump decided to hide.

Despite the fact that in addition to US intelligence warning Donald J Trump that the coronavirus pandemic would take many American lives, Trump continued to claim in front of cameras and at the podium that there was nothing to worry about.

Now we learn that in the earliest part of February, the US military also informed Donald J Trump that the coronavirus pandemic would result in a “Black Swan” event of 80,000 to 150,000 American lives lost, if action was not taken immediately, according to a document procured by and interviews conducted by The Daily Beast:

The Daily Beast can confirm the document was seen by NORTHCOM commander Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy, as well as the Army-North commander, Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson, whose forces are the main contributor to NORTHCOM. It also made its way to the Department of the Army’s Pentagon headquarters, where Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy received it.
Trump lied people died even after being informed by the top military

In fact, not only did Donald J Trump not take decisive and sufficient action, as deemed necessary by our military above, he continued to dismiss any significant threat to American lives and livelihoods, and even, get this, held several rallies after:

Trump held rallies after that in:

  • New Hampshire: Feb 10th
  • South Carolina: Feb 18th
  • Arizona: Feb 19th
  • Colorado: Feb 20th
  • Nevada: Feb 21st
  • North Carolina: March 2nd

These were rallies where once again, to very large gatherings of already brainwashed zombies, Trump was able to once again practice his Trump Lied People Died rhetoric.

Well, here’s a fun fact! The “Black Swan” that our military warned Trump could happen without immediate and sufficient countermeasures, is now our best case scenario.

The actual range now, based on the best modelling, is about 100,000 American deaths due to COVID19, all the way up to several … Million!

Meanwhile, rather than have early and effective social distancing, virus containment and economic stimulus, that just now seems to be going into effect the past two weeks or so, at excruciatingly inconsistent and overall slow pace, with Donald J Trump almost entirely giving decision making about to shelter in place, and even what that means, to the individual state governors – many of who allow wide ranging exclusions for things like businesses and religious gatherings.

That’s right. Potentially very large religious gatherings permissible and written into law in Florida, as one example.

Good thing that state is only populated by very young and healthy people, huh?

And seriously, do YOU live in a state under a mandatory shelter in place, AKA: “stay-at-home?” How does that look in your neck of the woods.

We can report from our locations that on most days, aside from restaurant closings, streets are still packed and people are practically shoulder-to-shoulder in too many situations to count.

I guess because like they say in ‘Bama, “we’re not California!”

We are losing so many lives now, and because of Trump’s refusal to get real about this early on, as time has been of the utmost importance, playing catch up is going to require even more draconian measures, or more deaths, or both. And part of this includes far greater numbers of unemployed Americans and destroyed small to mid-size businesses than possibly ever before.

Make no mistake: The Trump economy is on the fast track to go from Trump Slump to Trump Recession to Trump Depression.

h/t/ @Juakar – “Trump is the first President in US history to simultaneously hold records for the biggest stock market drop, the highest national debt, the most convicted staff members, and most pandemic infections in the world, all in his first term.”

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