Trump has betrayed his voters

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For Print Use Only. On the stump and in his tweets, President Donald Trump isn’t simply all bluster and self-pity. He takes time to claim he has fulfilled his promises to the working-class voters who were essential to his 2016 election. But, as the incumbent, Trump has a record. The betrayal of this part of his base is apparent. And the noise of his tweets, serial outrages and stump-posturing no longer can distract from this reality. By the president’s accounting, his accomplishments are legion. He boasts about his tax cuts – the "biggest in history." He preens about his judges – "a historic transformation of the judiciary" – chosen to cater to the anti-choice passions of evangelical Christians. He brags about slashing regulations. He says his wall is being built. He promises once more to trash Obamacare and provide a much better alternative. He claims to still be avoiding endless wars. He champions his trade deals and his tariffs. And, of course, he takes – and gets – credit for the growing economy with low top-line unemployment. The truth is different. Deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide – deaths of despair – hit a new high in 2017. His assaults on Obamacare have left 2 million more Americans without health coverage, while he’s never come close to presenting a comprehensive alternative that would, in fact, meet his promise to provide "insurance for everybody." Error 0: On the economy, the number of "good jobs" in manufacturing has gone from boom […]

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