Trump decries ‘fake poll’ showing approval rate in 30s

Trump decries 'fake poll' showing approval rate in 30s
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Unable to play video. HTML5 is not supported! President Trump lashed out Tuesday at what he called a “Fake Poll” that shows his job approval numbers dropping by 6 points over the last two months as fears of an economic recession have risen. The ABC News/Washington Post poll that angered the president found that 60 percent of Americans surveyed now believe a recession is likely in the next year. That same percentage of Americans is also concerned that Trump’s trade war with China will raise prices on consumer goods in the U.S. That economic anxiety has helped push Trump’s job approval numbers down from 44 percent in July to just 38 percent in September, the poll found. The president wasted little time disputing the poll’s results. Since his inauguration, Trump has routinely dismissed polls and news stories that have not portrayed him in a favorable light, assuring the public that the truth stands in opposition to what he calls the “Fake News Media.” The president has also assured his supporters that internal polls not available to the public show him with a comfortable lead on Democrats seeking to replace him. But after a Trump staffer leaked the results of an internal poll taken in May that reportedly showed the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in key battleground states, the president alleged a conspiracy. “We have great internal polling, there were fake polls released by somebody that is — it is ridiculous. We are winning in every single […]

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