Trumka: 19-year high in strikes shows ‘sea change in America’

Trumka: 19-year high in strikes shows ‘sea change in America’
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Striking auto worker reacts when he hears that his union has won many of its demands in a long strike last year. | Troy Stolt/AP WASHINGTON—U.S. workers are increasingly pissed off. And as a result, 25 times their bosses forced at least 1,000 of them to strike last year. That was a 19-year high. And that doesn’t include GOP President Donald Trump’s lockout of approximately 400,000 federal workers for the whole month of January and the last week of December 2018. That “pissed off” conclusion, in polite language, came from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its strike figures for 2019. Trumka called the rising number of mass strikes evidence of “a sea change in America.” “In 2019, nearly half a million workers sacrificed the comforts of today for the progress of tomorrow. These strike statistics represent nothing less than a sea change in America,” the AFL-CIO chief said on Feb. 11. “Working people — completely fed up with an economic and political system that does not work for us — are turning to each other and using every tool at our disposal to win a better deal. Because of the courage of every worker who said enough is enough, we all stand on a stronger foundation today. Solidarity works. And we’re just getting started,” he vowed. BLS said there were 25 work stoppages last year, compared to a yearly average of 15 in the decade before. In those 25 cases, bosses forced 425,500 […]

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