Treasury yields rebound from historic lows

Treasury yields rebound from historic lows
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U.S. government debt prices were lower Friday morning, as investors tentatively returned to riskier assets after a turbulent week saw long-term bond yields fall to historic lows. U.S. Markets Overview: Treasurys chart TICKER COMPANY YIELD CHANGE %CHANGE US 3-MO U.S. 3 Month Treasury 1.897 -0.005 0.00 US 1-YR U.S. 1 Year Treasury 1.725 0.005 0.00 US 2-YR U.S. 2 Year Treasury 1.499 0.003 0.00 US 5-YR U.S. 5 Year Treasury 1.422 0.00 0.00 US 10-YR U.S. 10 Year Treasury 1.53 0.003 0.00 US 30-YR U.S. 30 Year Treasury 1.982 0.002 0.00 The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note , which moves inversely to price, was higher at around 1.546%, while the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond was also higher at around 2.0007%. A protracted trade war between the world’s two largest economies and growing fears about a possible global economic slowdown prompted the 30-year Treasury bond yield to fall below 2% for the first time ever in the previous session. The 10-year note also slipped below 1.5% on Thursday — registering a three-year low. The 10-year Treasury yield briefly broke below the 2-year rate on Wednesday, flashing a recession warning that send stocks tumbling. As of Friday, the curve steepened and was no longer inverted. President Donald Trump said Thursday that he believed the U.S.-China trade dispute would be relatively short, adding China wanted to make a trade deal. “September, the meeting is still on as I understand it, but I think more importantly than September, we’re […]

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