Trade War to Last Beyond 2020

Trade War to Last Beyond 2020
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Open a paper over the weekend, and you would’ve been greeted with images of our Prime Minister Scott Morrison smiling next to President Donald Trump. Morrison is in the US for a state dinner and perhaps a few happy snaps smiling next to other important people. Publicly, Morrison is putting on a show, claiming to support Trump. Morrison has said that China should ‘take every opportunity’ to end the trade war with the US, stating: ‘ It’s got to be a sustainable outcome, it’s got to be a durable outcome, it’s got to deal with the real issues that are there in their relationship ’ . 1 I can’t help but wonder perhaps Morrison has pleaded with Trump to put an end to the trade war behind closed doors. We’re stuck in the middle. Morrison’s current tour of the US is a reminder that we’ve picked Team USA over our biggest trading partner. In spite of the temporary truce, Trump says that the trade war could take another year to play out… Read on for Jim’s take today. Until next time, Shae Russell, Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia Trump’s two-week tariff delay is all for show Jim Rickards, Strategist Recent news from the trade wars have been uniformly good. As Reuters recently noted, Trump has agreed to postpone tariff increases on certain Chinese exports to the US until early October, writing: ‘ US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the United States has agreed to delay increasing tariffs on […]

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