The Trump Pandemic: Trump’s Dismantled State Takes on a Pandemic

The Dismantled State Takes on a Pandemic
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You know calling it the Trump Pandemic has a ring of truth.

Trump Pandemic Comes Home to Roost

The Trump pandemic has hit. We are calling it that, as our ability to fight it has roots in the dismantling of the world order that existed after WWII all up until Agent Orange began wrecking our relationships with our global partners, including a rather advantageous one, despite what the Trumpiconners say, with, China.

As we know, many Trump voters were eager for one of three things, if not all of them: Stripping the federal government down to the bone and giving all the tax savings ‘back’ to the themselves and their buddies, self-perceived ‘doers;’ and/or, bringing about anarchy, and/or bringing about End Times (such as Attorney-General-in-Name-Only William Barr seems to yearn for).

The Trump pandemic really speeds up that, doesn’t it, AGINO William Barr (psst Barr: you have some orange glitter around your mouth).

So anyway, things like, you know, keeping up the US government response capabilities to events like, I don’t know, A PANDEMIC, were just more annoying red tape and wasted tax dollars to these people.

“Taxed Enough Already.!” Right?

Bravo, Republicans! Bravo!

You now own the Trump Pandemic!

The New Republic reports:

Donald Trump’s televised address to the nation Wednesday night on the coronavirus pandemic failed just about every single test of political rhetoric. It neither reassured the American people nor did it inform them. The markets have continued their dismal tumble, and the White House took the extraordinary step of correcting (or, in Politico parlance, “walking back”) three separate untruths the president managed to deliver, despite seemingly sticking to his prepared remarks.

Not that anyone, at this stage, expected the president to rise to the occasion. It has become apparent that Trump and his staff view a pandemic as a messaging problem…  The idea that they should have stepped in to contain the virus is as foreign to them as the idea that they now bear the primary responsibility for mitigating it […]

Trump pandemic
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