BI Opinion: ‘The fundamental problem with Bloomberg is that he believes billionaire nonsense’

The fundamental problem with Bloomberg is that he believes billionaire nonsense
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And to be honed in on this a little more – by all appearances, Michael Bloomberg, on many levels, is merely Trump Lite ™ , and in a Democratic Primary his somewhat recent previous devotion as a card-carrying Republican is also sure to be brought up.

Basically, do Democrats want to get rid of Trump so bad, and select the “general-electable” one, at the cost of doing away with many core principals? Are Democrats making their own “Deal with a Devil?”

It is true that Mr. Bloomberg does not seem to be nearly as devoid of empathy as the current Billionaire-in-Chief. But making no mistake, Michael Bloomberg has, even recently, held positions and opinions that should be cause for pause.

BI Opinion explores further:

  • Michael Bloomberg has a history of believing the kind of nonsense billionaires tell themselves to make their complicated business dealings and powerful impact on society simpler to rationalize.
  • The nonsense Bloomberg has believed range from placing blame for the financial crisis on poor people, to insisting Chinese President Xi Jinping is not a dictator.
  • As voters, we need to know if Bloomberg is willing to let go of this nonsense to represent his constituency.
  • This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

The biggest problem with Michael Bloomberg as a presidential candidate, and possibly as president, is that he believes “billionaire nonsense.”

By that I mean he believes the fables that come with being a person in his social position — his position of power. These are the stories wealthy and powerful people tell each other to absolve themselves of culpability for things that have gone horribly wrong in society. At best they simplify things that are in fact complicated. Most of these fables are told for commercial convenience.

We’ve seen a few examples of Bloomberg’s belief in billionaire nonsense come to the forefront of his campaign already, like his stumbling apologies for the stop and frisk policy he ramped up as Mayor of New York City.

But Bloomberg’s belief in billionaire nonsense goes far beyond that, and has wide-reaching implications for a presidential hopeful. In the past, he’s blamed the financial crisis on the end of redlining, said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is not a dictator, and made comments about Vladimir Putin’s regime that sounded eerily like Kremlin talking points […]

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