Trump Lied People Died Seattle NPR Station Sets Example,Will No Longer Air Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings Live

Trump Lied People Died so NPR no longer airs live
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Trump Lied People Died

The hashtag # Trump Lied People Died is more appropriate than ever. The Donald J. Trump once again laid out staggering abuses of power this week as he stood in front of cameras and told all of the world that the U.S. is likely days away from going back to regular work schedules, that chloroquine is effective, that hospitals don’t need all the PPEs they keep requesting, etc.

This man is a monster and everyone but his Red Hat Zombies know it, and they seem to be following him off the cliff, putting everyone else at risk.

The White House just got blacklisted by one courageous NPR outlet, setting the example, having had enough of giving the Liar In Chief unmoderated airtime.

This NPR station will no longer be a participant in the Trump Virus epidemic: Trump lied people died.

KUOW … will not be airing the briefings live due to a pattern of false or misleading information provided that cannot be fact checked in real time.”…

… After airing the White House briefings live for two weeks, a pattern of false information and exaggeration increasingly had many at KUOW questioning whether these briefings were in the best service of our mission—to create and serve a more informed public. Of even greater concern was the potential impact of false information on the health and safety of our community.

A sampling of exaggerations and false information that were not fact checked in real time:

  • “Nobody knew there’d be a pandemic or an epidemic of this proportion,” President Trump said at a live White House briefing on March 19 despite warnings from the U.S. Intelligence community earlier this year.
  • “You’re seeing very few empty shelves,” our listeners heard live from President Trump on March 20. Local reporting shows many stores are out of basic supplies, including hand soap.
  • We’re going to be able to make the drug chloroquine “available almost immediately” said President Trump on March 19. The president claimed, incorrectly, that the FDA had fast-tracked approval of its use to treat COVID-19. There isn’t current medical evidence of the efficacy of that drug in treating COVID-19.

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