RUBIN: Trump’s unhinged display should frighten everyone

RUBIN: Trump’s unhinged display should frighten everyone
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It’s no joke, as former Vice President Joe Biden would say. In the last week or so, we’ve witnessed President Donald Trump deny there is a threat of recession; blame the Federal Reserve chairman for raising interest rates too high (!); deny, then admit and then finally reject consideration of cuts to either payroll taxes or a capital-gains taxes. We’ve seen him seriously consider “buying” Greenland, then cancel a trip to Denmark and then finally insult Denmark’s female prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, whom Trump characterized as “nasty” (his all-purpose insult to women who won’t do his bidding), and claimed that when she says his idea about purchasing Greenland was “absurd,” she is offending the United States. He’s called Jews disloyal on consecutive days and proclaimed himself the “chosen one” (of should it be “Chosen One”?), though he still insists the trade deficit means China has “sucked” hundreds of billions of dollars out of our economy. He insists that kicking Russia out of the Group of 8 for its invasion of Ukraine was an overreaction by President Barack Obama (I guess that is what he means), and should be reversed. This is nuts. I don’t mean, nuts like, “Allowing the deficit to expand to a trillion dollars is nuts,” or “Pretending that personal diplomacy with Kim Jong Un works is nuts.” I mean, in the non-medical sense, he is erratic, narcissistic, unhinged, unable to control his anger, logical and forgetful. (Remember the rally in New Hampshire at which he appeared […]

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