Rubenstein says Bernie isn’t strong enough to unseat Trump

Carlyle’s David Rubenstein says Bernie Sanders isn’t a strong enough threat to unseat Donald Trump
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Quelle surprise, another billionaire “unimpressed” with Bernie Sanders’ potential to win the White House.

The stock market is not really worried about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ rise in the Democratic primary, private equity billionaire David Rubenstein told CNBC on Wednesday. “I think the markets generally do not think that Bernie Sanders is likely to be president of the United States,” the Carlyle Group co-founder said on “ Closing Bell .” “Now that could be wrong, and sometimes the markets are wrong of course.” But at the moment, Rubenstein said the Vermont senator is not being viewed as a strong threat to unseat President Donald Trump in November, should Sanders win the Democratic nomination. Part of the reason is because it remains very early in the nominating process, Rubenstein pointed out. Iowa and New Hampshire are the only two states to have held nominating contests. Rubenstein, who worked in the White House under former President Jimmy Carter, said the New Hampshire primary is not exactly an automatic indicator that a candidate will go on to become president.  […]

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