Researchers: There are now TWO Strains of the Coronavirus; Aerosolized Poop and Pee Infects

Coronavirus: there are 2 types, Chinese researchers find, while authorities say faeces and urine can transmit the infection
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This is both fortunate and unfortunate. For one, like the flu, it may be 100% possible to get infected by both types at different times, even separated by only a short duration. (Think Influenza A and Influenza B (The two parent strains of influenza)). But right now, data is too sparse to know if this is actually occurring or not. We can certainly hope not!

Another potential problem with having two main strains, is those being infected by the weaker strain may give false hope to others that “it isn’t bad,” and then people drop their guard, stop washing their hands 20 seconds at a time under warm water a zillion times a day, etc., and infection rates go up. Possibly way way way up. And possibly with the more deadly strain. Again, we certainly hope not, but this is clearly a risk.

A possible silver lining, however, is natural selection tends to favor virus mutations that are not so lethal. Viruses “want” to thrive and propagate, and killing off their hosts defeats that purpose.

In other news, feces and urine that splatters (duh), or now as has been confirmed, has become aerosolized, spread the infection.

SCMP breaks it down further

The coronavirus has evolved into two major types, with differing transmission rates and geographical distribution, according to a study published in the National Science Review on Tuesday.

A group of Chinese scientists analysed 103 coronavirus genomes and identified mutations in 149 sites across the strains.

They found that one type, which they called the L type, was more prevalent than the other, the S type, meaning it was more infectious. They also found that the L type had evolved from the S type, and that the L type was far more widespread before January 7 and in Wuhan, ground zero of the outbreak…

Transmission by feces and urine recognized

The spread of infection through faeces and urine has been recognised as an additional mode of transmission in China’s latest coronavirus diagnosis and treatment plan. […] Click here to read the full story

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