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Tracking Announced Layoffs and Job Reductions

accounced layoffs

An increase in announced layoffs is one of the first things we see at the cusp of or entering an NBER-defined recession here in the U.S. This page will regularly update the most recent mid/large company announcements (some of these may only be a few people, and others may be mass layoffs) Keeping a watchful eye on this trend is a great leading indicator of what we are likely to see in terms of weekly initial jobless claims, the monthly non-farm payroll reports, and the unemployment rate.

Depending on how companies structure their sick leave policy, especially in response to directives from the federal government (such as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act which passed overwhelmingly in the House on Friday March 13th), we may see fewer outright layoffs than what one might normally expect in a recession, and no one would complain about that. However, if the health and economic crisis drags on, at some point, the layoffs would likely overtake paid sick leave.

announced layoffs

Most Recent Announced Layoffs