Recession Already in Parts of U.S., Menacing Trump 2020 Bid

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This is why you don’t follow your gut and enter into a trade war with a economic superpower whose leader is not beholden to a popularity contest to remain in power right before an election. Fat Nixon expected Xi to cave quickly and now he painted himself into a corner. There is no easy way for him to cancel the trade war without looking weak to his base. Xi knows it and will now use this news to beat him into an even better trade deal for China than they had. Xi is playing chess. Fat Nixon is playing checkers with half the pieces missing. @#2 … China is imploding. … What is China’s GDP growth rate? What is the US’s GDP growth rate? Hint: for the quarter ending June 2019, China’s GDP growth rate was over 6%. I am not saying that China is not hurting from the trade war, they are. But so is the US. US companies are pulling out of China, but for the most part they are not coming back to the US. The US companies pulling out of China are keeping the jobs out of the US, and keeping them mainly in Southeast Asia. So yeah, China is hurting from the trade war, but so is the US. So far, it is not looking as if the trade war is convincing US companies to move jobs back to the US en masse. Hopefully, we can get China to stop the intellectual property theft, […]

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