Number of Coronavirus Cases in US just Hit 1,000

number of coronavirus cases in US
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The Number of Coronavirus Cases in US

Number of coronavirus cases in US passed 1,000 Tuesday. According to the unofficial official list compiled by John Hopkins, the number of confirmed COVID19 cases blew right on through the psychologically important number of 1,000 on Tuesday, and was 1,025 at the time of this update.

And that’s not all. We. Have. Not. Been. Testing. Despite repeated LIES by Trump and his cronies, we there have not been millions of test kits sent out. Not even close. And we’ve gone weeks and weeks of tests only being given to people who were recently in China, or who had come into contact with someone who had been in China during the pandemic.

This is nucking futs.

Because of the behind-the-curve, ham-handed, two-faced, dishonest, deceitful and just plain uncaring “response” of the Trump administration, under the direction of Donald J. Trump, the actual count is easily a month’s accrual higher than the John Hopkins estimate, and given that we are seeing exponential increases in the countries that are testing regularly, honestly, and often, there is no reason to believe that we are not having exponential spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus here in the United States.

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