More People Develop Coronavirus Symptoms in California Bay Area

More People Develop Coronavirus Symptoms as Some Get to Go Home
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BREAKING: It’s #CoronavirusCalifornia as more Californians who have been in isolation at Travis Air Force Base near the Bay Area have begun to have COVID-19 symptoms.

More people are developing coronavirus symptoms after being in isolation at Travis Air Force Base Tuesday, bringing the number to 10 people who are either infected or showing signs of the virus in the Bay Area.

Six more people evacuated from the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship in Japan, who went to Travis for quarantine are now hospitalized because they’ve developed symptoms of coronavirus, the CDC reported.

Three developed the symptoms on the plane on the way back to California and three people developed symptoms since they’ve been in quarantine at Travis Sunday night.

In Napa, two people are being treated at Queen of the Valley Medical Center, one has a confirmed case and the other is being tested. Both are in isolation…

Meanwhile, more than 170 people are making their way home Tuesday. Some reuniting with family for the first time in two weeks.

They are the first wave of people quarantined since the outbreak, evacuated from Wuhan, China, a little more than two weeks ago […]

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