Japan’s Horrific GDP Spiral Poses Major U.S. Stock Market Threat

Japan’s Horrific GDP Spiral Poses Major U.S. Stock Market Threat
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Q4 2019 GDP in Japan falling at a clip like that seen during the Global Financial Crisis… The second, third and fourth largest economies in the world are either in severe Growth Recession or outright contracting.

CCN Reports:

Japan’s GDP is crumbling, China’s housing market is slowing and Germany’s exports have stalled. How is the U.S. stock market at record highs? Author: As the world’s third-largest economy, Japan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is down 6.3% this year, the worst slump in five years.

Global economic headwinds are reaching critical levels after a horrific Japanese GDP figure on Sunday. With China, Germany and Japan all slowing even before the coronavirus hit, recession risks continue to rise. The great divergence between economic fundamentals and stock market returns continues as Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures rose overnight. The global economic outlook saw another dark storm-cloud brewing on Sunday evening as Japan, the world’s 3rd largest economy, reported an eye-watering GDP number of -6.3% YoY, considerably worse than the already dire prediction of -3.7%. With China posting its worst housing data since 2018, the question is, how bad do things have to get before the U.S. stock market starts taking notice? Japanese GDP Shock Fails to Dent U.S. Stock Market Futures With the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq all rallying overnight, Wall Street continues to prove resilient to geopolitical threats. Dow futures rallied on Sunday night even as Japanese GDP collapsed. Source- As most U.S. economic data has been steadily slowing, it is consumer confidence that has proven to be the engine for growth. Seen as the world’s safe-haven stock market, investors appear confident that equities can continue to rise […]

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