Iowa Republicans tout ‘Trump economy,’ denounce recession warnings

Iowa Republicans tout ‘Trump economy,’ denounce recession warnings

DES MOINES — Iowa Republicans say the economy is booming under President Donald Trump’s leadership and talk of a recession is being fanned by naysaying Democrats, media and partisan economists who want to see him fail in his bid to win re-election in 2020. Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann was joined by three GOP state legislators and three businesspeople for a news conference Thursday to tout the “Trump economy” and to slam Democrats holding up passage of the United State-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. “Rumors of a recession is nothing short of a scam,” said Anthony Marlowe, chief executive officer of Iowa City-based MCI, which recently was recognized as the state’s fastest-growing company. “There is no recession around the corner or looming anywhere soon. It’s absolutely explosive what’s happening in the economy right now.” Kaufmann noted Iowa’s unemployment rate is hovering at an all-time low while jobs are being added, business taxes have declined and government regulations have been eased. Other roundtable participants said a shortage of skilled workers the trade war with China are the only negatives on an otherwise robust economic horizon. “The momentum in the economy is absolutely staggering,” said Marlowe, who noted his business grew from 400 employees when Trump won election in 2016 to more than 2,000 now. “It’s driven by predictability, it’s driven by lower taxes and it’s driven by reduced regulation. Rep. John Wills, R-Spirit Lake, said he supports Trump’s effort to curb trade abuses by China, while Rep. Pat Grassley, a […]

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