Honest Government Ad, Coronavirus: Flatten The Curve, Goes Viral

Flatten the Curve
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The Juice Media shows how to flatten the curve.

Honest Government: Flatten the Curve

The Juice Media: Making Government Ads Honest, has just produced their most candid video yet, offering up some pretty good advice on how to stay alive and best help others during the coronavirus pandemic.

Be sure to like and share this with others. We need to get actual honest government information out there and flatten the curve.

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flatten the curve


The curve seen in red shows the sharp spike in cases that could occur if we don’t take preventive measures. In that scenario, a huge volume of cases overwhelms the Nhealth-care system, and there aren’t enough hospital beds and respirators for those who need them.

The second curve, in blue, shows what’s to be expected if we do take preventive measures: the number of cases is lower and is spread out over a longer period. That flatter curve is the goal right now in many places that are already seeing a lot of cases of COVID-19.

A huge benefit of slowing the spread of coronavirus is that more people who get severe cases will be able to get the health care they need to stay alive. In the words of public health expert Drew Harris, who made the original version of the chart: “It’s the difference between finding an ICU bed & ventilator or being treated in the parking lot tent.” […] Read the full article on NPR

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