Guess Who Trump Blamed for Today’s Sharp Stock Market Reversal

Guess Who Trump Blamed for Today’s Sharp Stock Market Reversal
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Trump blamed a familiar foe for today’s stock market reversal. | Source: REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo The stock market’s three primary indices all set new intraday records on Tuesday. But a sharp reversal struck as Fed Chair Jerome Powell testified on Capitol Hill. President Trump ripped Powell a new one, blaming him for the stock market sell-off. The U.S. stock market huffed and puffed to new all-time highs on Tuesday, prompting one of those in which the president awkwardly admonishes us to spend our money wisely. It’s as if Trump thinks we unlock a new tranche of cash every time the Dow Jones Industrial Average passes a new milestone: Source: Twitter But that’s not how it works at all… Not that it matters. Because , the Dow tumbled more than 150 points. The stock market dove from record highs on Tuesday. | Source: Yahoo Finance The Dow ultimately rallied off its session low, but not back into record territory. And not before a suddenly-irate President Trump stormed back to Twitter. This time, he was the one doing the huffing and puffing, and he ripped into a : Jerome Powell. Source: The Federal Reserve chair testified before Congress this morning, and Trump fumed that Powell hadn’t done enough to vindicate the stock market’s bullish appetite. Trump Rips Powell a New One After Stock Market Slides from Highs The irony is that . Here’s how he described it: “We find the U.S. economy in a very good place, performing well,” he said, […]

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