GOP Senator calls on Trump to reopen economy because death is part of life

A GOP senator calls on Trump to reopen parts of the coronavirus-stricken economy because 'death is an unavoidable part of life'
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Some in GOP Want to Trade Life for GDP

Paul Krugman has the best response to this insanity

Let people die to save the economy.

It would be easily labeled a false dichotomy if not for actually being a proposal that could itself result in far greater economic damage.


Sen. Ron Johnson called on Trump to reopen segments of the US economy, saying “death is an unavoidable part of life” in a USA Today op-ed.

The Wisconsin senator drew a connection between last year’s “exceptionally bad flu season” and warned against overreaction.

Trump has extended social distancing guidelines, which have shut down vast sectors of the American economy, until April 30.

 Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin called to reopen parts of the American economy to avoid throwing it into a recession or depression. He said “death is an unavoidable part of life” in a USA Today op-ed published Monday. Though Johnson didn’t advocate to fully start up the economy, he said the crisis should be put into perspective.”What more people are saying is that […]

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