Feeling the Pinch From the Government Shutdown? Maybe It’s Time to Switch Jobs.

Feeling the Pinch From the Government Shutdown? Maybe It’s Time to Switch Jobs.
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The latest government shutdown is the third since Donald Trump became president. Various departments and agencies are closed or partly closed until the legislative and executive branches agree on a solution (or Congress overrides a presidential veto or passes a continuing resolution). These include Agriculture, Commerce, Homeland Security, Justice, Interior, State, Transportation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Government shutdown effects are many and varied, ranging from national park closures to a halt to marriage licenses in Washington D.C. If you’re a government worker, however, the biggest impact is on your bank account. Around 800,000 federal government employees and contractors are currently feeling the financial pinch of missing paychecks due to the shutdown. About 420,000 essential workers are working without pay during the shutdown, while 380,000 non-essential workers are furloughed (unpaid, but not required to come in to work). Historically, federal workers are paid after a shutdown ends … but contractors may never regain their lost wages. While it is true that some government workers earn six-figure salaries, the average government worker earns about $500 dollars a week . As such it’s no surprise to find that many government workers live paycheck to paycheck and restaurants around the country are offering free meals to government employees who aren’t getting paid. Many government employees are now calling in sick or turning to crowdfunding to make ends meet. This chaos isn’t happening because of anything fundamentally broken with the American economy. The latest job figures closing out […]

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