Donald Trump’s border-wall antics were pioneered by Walter Trump, a 1958 TV con man

1958 Trump Con Man Build Wall
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On day 19 of the current US government shutdown, Donald Trump is headed to the country’s border with Mexico, where he will once again try to convince Americans that they absolutely need to spend $5.4 billion of taxpayer money to build a very long fence to protect them from people trying to enter the US from the southern border. It hasn’t worked too well so far—not only is Congress nowhere closer to financing his plan, but most Americans are not sold on the project . Trump will need to step up his game if he wants to get people onboard, especially considering hundreds of thousands are paying for his stubbornness with their salaries . Luckily for him, some suggestions might be found in his medium of choice: daytime television. Specifically, a TV western titled Trackdown , which aired on CBS between 1957 and 1959 at 8:30 pm (reruns have been airing during the daytime for the past few years) and followed the adventures of Texas ranger Hoby Gilman. In the 30th episode of the show, which aired on May 9, 1958 with the title “The End of The World,” an interesting character makes an appearance: a man named… Trump. Walter Trump. Trump is a con man—we’re talking about the show—who comes to ranger Gilman’s town to warn people that the end of the world is nigh, and offering his services to prevent it. And how will 1958 TV con-man Trump, stop the end of the world? By building a […]

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