Concerns over global and domestic economic outlooks appear to be growing

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in the News U.S. Port Update Part 1: Infrastructure Shortfalls Driving Innovation Tompkins International announces new business unit, NexusFx Concerns over global and domestic economic outlooks appear to be growing Industrial outlook cloudy but solid overall economic fundamentals rosy for trucking industry December U.S.-bound waterborne shipments finish a strong 2018, says Panjiva More News The theme regarding the economy a year ago at this time may very well have been “Happy days are hear again, given solid GDP growth, buoyed by high levels of consumer confidence, manufacturing output, and strong import volumes, among other factors." But move ahead to the present, and the theme could be something along the lines of “Where have all the good times gone?” The shift in economic themes, while jarring, to a degree, has been underway for a little while, going back to late 2018. Reasons for this vary, but a few key ones focus on trade tension between the United States and China, tariffs, declining demand levels, and let’s not forget the current, as well as potential impact of the seemingly interminable United States Federal Government shutdown, which is now in its fifth week. And the drivers that were pacing the economy just a year ago at this time, specifically consumer confidence and retail sales, which serve as key indicators of demand for freight transportation and logistics services provider, are now being impacted by myriad factors, including the federal government shutdown and an uneven stock market performance, of late, which has the potential […]

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