CCN: Is Walmart an Omen for Recession?

Is Walmart’s Overvalued Stock an Omen for Recession?
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The market loves Walmart. Which during their call had an explanation for everything. Just what the experts wanted to hear. Q2 may have more talk of temporary impacts from COVID-19 coronavirus tbd..

Walmart’s fourth quarter earnings were a flop, but the market remains unfazed. Investors have become divorced from company fundamentals. Author: Walmart’s share price is becoming increasingly divorced from company fundamentals. That’s a strong sign that the market is about to top. | Image: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP Walmart’s fourth-quarter results were a disappointment. Both top and bottom line numbers fell short of analyst expectations. Despite the obvious business slowdown, Walmart’s stock remains near its all-time high. Walmart’s stock price is becoming increasingly divorced from business fundamentals. This may be evidence that the wider market rally is nearing its end. Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is the . The retailer boasts a staggering 1.5 million employees and claims the top spot on Fortune’s Global 500 list with . Needless to say, Walmart is crucial to the U.S. economy. The president himself back in August after the company reported its second-quarter result. Walmart is a great indicator of America’s economic health.

Looking forward, investors should expect Walmart to experience top-line pressure from the Chinese coronavirus in the first quarter of fiscal 2021. Management isn’t including these headwinds in their guidance for the year […]

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