Bloomberg: Japanese Couple Tests Positive After Hawaii Trip

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Did this couple contract COVID-19 on their Hawaiian vacation, or before. In either case, it now appears that Coronavirus COVID-19 is in Hawaii.

A married Japanese couple in their 60s tested positive for the coronavirus after returning home from a Hawaiian vacation, health officials said Saturday, according to the New York Times.

The couple had returned to Nagoya, Japan’s fourth-largest city, on Feb. 7, and a day later he visited a hospital with a fever but was turned away. He was back after two days when he learned he had pneumonia, but he was then released. On Thursday, the man went by ambulance to a hospital.

His wife checked into the hospital Friday with a fever. Both now have the virus.

The disclosure of the post-visit infection has caused concern among Hawaii health officials, the Times reported. “All of the state agencies have been preparing for exactly this scenario, where someone visits the island and the virus is present,” Governor David Ige said at a news conference.

The Japanese man grew ill on the second week of his vacation while the couple was in a time-share in Honolulu, authorities said. Before that, the couple was in Maui, but showed no symptoms […]

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