Black Unemployment Rises After Trump Brags How Low It Is At State Of The Union

Black Unemployment Rises After Trump Brags How Low It Is At State Of The Union
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While defenders of the president were busy spinning the jobs report for January, Black workers likely exhaled a deep sigh, but not one of relief. The numbers were there for all to see: Black unemployment had risen yet again for at least the third straight month, according to the latest monthly jobs report that was released Friday morning. MORE: Don’t Believe The Hype: Black Men’s Unemployment Rate Jumps As Wages Keep Dropping Those figures stood in stark contrast to the bragging and boasting President Donald Trump was doing just a few days ago at his State of the Union address when he resorted to his familiar refrain about how low the Black unemployment rate is. Hmm interesting Black unemployment has been rising since August and is now Back at 6.0% #JobsReport According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Black unemployment rose from 5.9 percent to 6 percent from December to January. And while on the surface that may seem like an inconsequential and minuscule difference, there are two other things to take into account. For one, that 5.9 unemployment rate is still nearly twice that of white people (3.1 percent) and well above the national average of 3.6 percent, the latter of which also rose from December. Secondly — and arguably more importantly — Black unemployment has been steadily rising for at least the past three months, going from 5.5 percent in October to 6 percent as of last month. The trend in the wrong direction undermines Trump’s persistent claims […]

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