At Florida Beaches Coronavirus Social Distancing = We’re Proud Dumbasses!

Florida governor fails coronavirus social distancing
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Coronavirus Social Distancing Selfish Morons Edition

coronavirus social distancing failing

The true meaning of coronavirus social distancing seems to be lost on many Floridians and its visitors. Even the state’s governor, DeSantis, apparently does not see the need to implement appropriate safety protocols.

Florida governor refuses to shut down beaches amid spread of coronavirus

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refused to issue an order to close the state’s beaches, despite fears regarding the spread of the coronavirus.

He instead signed an order that would limit parties on beaches to 10 people per group and force any businesses authorized to sell liquor to reduce occupancy by half, DeSantis told reporters Tuesday. The governor said that local governments can make their own decisions but that his order would follow the latest guidance issued by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention…

DeSantis said it’s “not uniform throughout the state that you’re seeing massive crowds at beaches,” despite reports of large gatherings on Tampa Bay-area beaches.

A video posted Monday by NBC affiliate WFLA showed people packed together on Clearwater Beach…

The state has 192 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and five deaths in the outbreak […]

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