2 Dividend Stocks I’d Buy Right Now

2 Dividend Stocks I'd Buy Right Now
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People seeking income investments that can reliably withstand economic downturns have a dilemma. Fixed-income instruments like Treasuries have meager payouts at the moment, and dividend stocks come with the risks attached to their businesses. But stocks whose yields are high relative to those of fixed-income assets, and which offer the possibility of payouts that could increase much faster than inflation, can be attractive as the cornerstones of an income-oriented portfolio. To mitigate the business risks that every company faces, start by taking a long-term perspective that will allow you to pay less heed to short-term share price oscillations. Then, choose companies that have a high likelihood of maintaining or growing their payouts right through the next recession, and have a reasonable potential to deliver stock price gains as well. Two companies that fit the criteria for this approach are Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) and Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI). Hasbro has a depressed stock price, and therefore a higher-than-usual yield, because of some factors that should prove to be temporary, and has strong enough cash generation to weather downturns. Crown Castle has a predictable and growing business that’s recession-resistant. Image source: Getty Images. Hasbro The market hammered Hasbro on Oct. 22 after the company delivered a third-quarter report that badly missed analysts’ consensus expectations on both the top and bottom lines. But the reasons for that stumble were largely factors out of the company’s control, and issues that will eventually be resolved. Long-term investors have an opportunity now to pick […]

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